Boro Chiropractic

Murfreesboro’s Premier Sports Clinic

Boro Chiropractic

Murfreesboro’s Premier Sports Clinic

What We Do

At Boro Chiropractic we have a three step process. Each step is equally important and directly correlates with the others. Balance is the key to improving your health and achieving your goals. The three steps include: Adjustment, Manual Therapy, and Rehabilitation.

Nutrition is another benefit Dr. Noah offers. He has Nutrition consultations by appointment only. When we fuel the body appropriately, we see decreased inflammation and increased performance!

Manual Therapy

What You Can Expect

Chiropractic | Manual Therapy | Rehabilitation | Recovery | Nutrition

Encourage & Empower is at the core of what we do at Boro Chiropractic. We are excited to serve you in your health journey empowering you to achieve the quality of life you deserve! Our three step process will provide better and faster results, helping you accomplish your goals pain-free!

Boro Chiropractic
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Timothy StarkTimothy Stark
21:18 06 Jun 22
Dr. Noah is an extraordinary doctor and exceptional person. How do I know and how do I 'rank' him?? Well... I met him when he was a student at Northwestern Health Sciences University - he was a student of mine. Believe it or not, teachers DO have favorites (and not-so-favorites). He was a favorite! I was quick to hire him as a Sports Nutrition Fellow in our University Human Performance Center. He took-on this fellowship challenge with multiple goals in mind - of which he met. I could go-on...but lastly, how do I rank him? Well, my Fellows and students know that my Stark Ladies are pretty precious and are 'hands-off' to a mass majority of clinicians. I would trust Dr. Noah, without hesitation, to assist my Ladies.
Caleb GrimmCaleb Grimm
15:24 06 Jun 22
This new place is absolutely amazing. Dr Noah is a kind, patient soul who truly cares about his patients and clients. He is knowledgeable and committed to helping you find exactly the care you need no matter how specific. Also a beautiful environment with an amazing staff. You will not be disappointed!!!
Shannon PerkinsShannon Perkins
14:54 04 Jun 22
Dr. Noah is the best! 5 stars is not enough to rate! Dr. Noah has been a blessing to my daughter and I. I’m a long time athlete and my daughter is currently in sports. He takes really good care of us and keeps us on track. Dr. Noah is very passionate about his job, caring, a good listener, lots of character, friendly, and humble. My daughter and I always look forward to seeing him every week. Such an incredible person to be around. I strongly and highly recommend anyone to go see Dr. Noah at Boro Chiropractic!!! Don’t waste your time going anywhere else. Thanks for all you do and caring for your patients!
Rita McNabbRita McNabb
16:14 03 Jun 22
I would definitely recommend Boro Chiropractic Clinic. Noah Emanuel is definitely one of the best people I know. He is very professional, honest, kind, and great at making you feel comfortable. He takes pride in his job and considers each patient special and gives them the care he would want someone to show him. He is definitely a solid person in this world of uncertainty. If you need chiropractic help, please give Noah Emanuel a try - you won’t be sorry!!
Kennedy MartinKennedy Martin
14:56 03 Jun 22
Dr. Noah is incredible, I can’t recommend him enough!! He always makes me feel so welcome and comfortable during my visits. He goes above and beyond in every adjustment and cares about so much more than just the physical well being of his clients. As a college student with a busy schedule and active lifestyle, he assures i can be in the best health to maintain my lifestyle and feel great. He’s the most intentional doctor and friend! GO SEE HIM!!!!

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Our clinic is located in beautifully restored downtown Murfreesboro.

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